Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back on track

Wow, this is the first time in awhile I have checked this site out, I have made a few changes, and would like to update where we are all now. Sadly Aidan and I broke up, Bella lives with me permanently, she is only a few months shy of 5years old. She goes to school next year - cry cry! She is so ready. Bella is such a beautiful little girl with such a wild spirit. She is very kind, friendly, crazy little girl, she's my little baby, and she is growing up so fast.

The break up was about 18months ago, we have all adjusted well, I am finding my feet alot better these days. I am back to being a full time student, studying to become a Primary School Teacher so I can start to do something that I will really love and already have so much passion for.

I am still in the same house and Aidan lives about 5minutes around the corner. I have a gorgeous bunch of friends and so does Bella. At the moment we are trying to organise a Princess Party, its going to be quite special....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 years 6 months old


Aidan and I had our first weeked away as a couple - no Bella. We had an absolute blast and poor Bella really missed us. I felt a tad bad but really am so happy to have had some time out. We travelled up to Bundy and had a really great time at our friends wedding. It was awesome to sit in the hot tub with a glass of champs with Aidan or take a brisk walk by the riverside.

Isabella is growing up well, but I am really missing her lately. I really feel the guilt and pain when she is having a bad day and I want so badly to ditch work and stay at home with her and play.

In someways I can not believe I have a 21/2 year old daughter, she is so funny. She certainly know what she wants. Bella has a sense of humour and is quite stubborn as well. Trying to get her to clean up or listen to my instructions is a daily battle. I am very happy with my little daughter and her progress. She is fiesty like her dad.

Anyway we are all well xxx

Thursday, March 5, 2009

2yrs & 3mths Old

Hello Everyone,

Isabella 2nd year Birthday was sensational, she looked so adorable, Mum made her a butterfly Cake (check out my facebook photo album) and it looked hot! Here's a picture up top of Isabella on her actual birthday!

I have had such a good Christmas, it was amazing to see Bella enjoy hesrself this year and I am still loving spending so it didn't stop Aidan and myself spoiling our little princess. We had it at my parents this year and my Mum went to all extremes, the house was looking so christmassy and my Nan & Pop came, it was so good to see them. I had a great time also at my work Christmas party, it was a Masquerade Ball so I put up a pic so you can see what we looked like.
Isabella is growing of course, she talks very well now, this time last year she just got her feet and this year its talking, what will next year bring us, flying he he he, better not laugh too much in case she has one of those super hero moments.
We are all doing well, Aidan has been working for the past 4 months with a company that sells courses to become Personal Trainers, he has just been promoted from Sales to Finance, He seems to be quite happy at the moment. He has even started training again, I guess once sports "football" is in your blood you can't leave it for too long.
And me, well I am great except for catching every bloody bug there is, I really am going to look after myself this year, I have to start exercising and toning up and finish my Graphic Design Course - prioritise!!!
Well talk to you all soon, miss you!!!
Love Sheree xxx

Thursday, October 30, 2008

23 Months Old

Hello All

I am well, really well these days, which is so good, I had my last follow up group for PND a week ago, so break open the champs. Aidan has also scored a job, which we are both overjoyed about - its a bit dog eat dog out there, so glad that job searcing is behind us now. Weekends together at last!

Isabella is stringing sentences together, she is running everywhere and saids no to everything. She is favouring her Dad at the moment, I can't even get close to her if she is hugging Aidan, I get told, "Mummy Go", nice hey, so I watch TV alone in the bedroom, while those two cuddle watching two and half men. I think it's cute really.

My am enjoying my mothers group and work is going well, I dressed up as a witch today for Halloween and it was a lot of fun. We bought something yummy but disgusting looking - mine was maggots (risotto).

Anyway preparing for Isabella's Birthday and Christmas, lots of organising but looking forward to both.

Love You all and Speak Soon. xxx

Saturday, September 27, 2008

22 Months Old

Hello Everyone, well not much has happened, I am still working at Wenatex, I think we are moving in a few months to newly renovated office space, still in the same building complex but just next door to where we are now. Thats about the only highlight in the last month I know of. Aidan still looking for a job but in the meantime is enjoying some peace and quiet.

Isabella is becoming such a beautiful little girl with spunky attitude. She hates being told what to do and constantly test the water with Aidan and I and I am having trouble not laughing, Aidan ends up doing all the discpline because I end up in the laundry room with tears of laughter, I have to get it sorted soon because I think she is figuring out that I find her funny and she does it again. Oh well, the joys of motherhood.

She still enjoys watching Shrek but Mary Poppins is geeting up there as well, with most watched. Last week at Kindy when I arrived to have lunch with Isabella, all the little children were wearing costumes, they looked so adorable dressed up as Policemen, Latin Dancer, Postie and Pilot etc that I can't wait to get some for her playroom. With Isabella being a toddler now I am constantly trying to find ways & things to amuse her. I already have a fairy costume and that is a pretty special site when she has it on.

Well bring on summer because I am over the cold season, we have been sick since April and I am looking forward to the spell of wellness. Anyway I hope this all finds you well. xx